Director of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Mine Action Center, Sasa Obradovic, attends the Intersessional Meetings of state parties to the Ottawa Convention, being held in Geneva.

Intersessional meetings will be attended by the members of all countries and non-governmental organizations, working on the removal of mines and explosive remnants of war.

Assuming responsibility and the status of a member country of the Ottawa Convention, Bosnia and Herzegovina is obliged to ensure the safety and preserve the lives of its citizens, and to reduce the consequences of residual mines on the socio-economic flows in the country.

As part of his statement, Director Obradovic reminded once again, that Bosnia and Herzegovina as a country is strongly committed to the final elimination of remaining mines and unexploded ordnance. However, despite all the measures taken, our country still feels the impact of mine devices on the population, who are still living in their vicinity them, as well as their impact on tourism and the economy.

Therefore, it was clearly emphasized that demining is a key factor for building a life without fear, a safe economy and the development of tourism.

In accordance with Article 5 of the Convention on the Prohibition of Landmines, Bosnia and Herzegovina received an extension for the removal of remaining mine devices until March 1, 2027.


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