The finalization of the project "Sarajevo without mines" was made official, in cooperation with the partners from the Embassy of the United States of America, representing the country that financed its realization. Thanks to its implementation, more than six million square meters of land in both BiH entities, were returned to the local residents. 

A reception on the occasion of the completion of the project was held at the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

US Ambassador to BiH Eric Nelson, called this "a wonderful day because four municipalities, from Vogosca to the Old Town, have finally been cleared of mines."

"This is a clear investment. Peace, progress, reconciliation ", added Nelson, reminding that the project should have gathered a broad coalition of partners, as well as that the BiH Armed Forces were also engaged. Acting First Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Political and Military Affairs Stanley Brown, said that the completion of the project "Sarajevo without mines" representing great security for citizens and more safe areas, and that his country is proud to participate in the project in which Sarajevo and surrounding municipalities are free of mines. Realization was made possible thanks to the strong leadership and partnership of the entity Mayors, BH MAC and The Marshall Legacy Institute. Great gratitude was also expressed to the Armed Forces of BiH and the Federal Administration of Civil Protection.

The United States has so far invested 124 million dollars in the demining process, and a further continuation of the American engagement in the demining process in BiH has been announced.

Source: https: //bhrt.ba/nelson-ovo-je-divan-dan-za-sarajevo-cetiri-opcine-su-ociscene-od-mina/

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