Bosnia and Herzegovina Mine Action Center

The Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Thomas Fitschen, in a conversation with the Minister of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dubravka Bošnjak, presented the activities to revive the Country Coalition, which deals with humanitarian demining, whose activities were slowed down during the pandemic. The good cooperation between BiH and Germany in the area of ​​demining has been intensed for the past 25 years and is expected to be continued in the upcoming period, speaks of the importance of the coalition. The IMSMA Core project was also discussed - an information system based on modern IMSMA Core technology, which will provide more accurate, transparent and reliable data on mine action, which is financed through German funds.

Also, the classic demining project on Majevica, which is being implemented with the help of the German government, was discussed as well. Thanks to this project, five municipalities will be cleared of mines by the end of 2023. The Rehabilitation of Mine Victims project, through which the procurement of prostheses for mine victims, according to the latest medical standards, is financed, is also highlighted as particularly significant.

It is expected that Bosnia and Herzegovina, guided by the above-mentioned projects, will meet the set deadline of 2027, country to be cleared of the remaining mines and explosive devices.

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