Saša Obradović, Director Bosnia and Herzegovina Mine Action Center (BHMAC), said that the process of demining in Bosnia and Herzegovina is proceeding slowly, because no money has been allocated for these purposes, from all levels of government in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

- During the drafting of the Mine Action Strategy for the period 2019 - 2025, the money required for these purposes was promised. Unfortunately, one person was killed last year, when he entered a minefield. With all our capacities, we are marking minefields and the suffering of people and deminers has been reduced. At the same time BHMAC quality control has been increased - said Obradović to "Glas Srpska".

He emphasized that the revision of the Mine Action Strategy is planned for this year.

- I also hope that all levels of government in Bosnia and Herzegovina will understand that we should use joint forces to demine and remove mines from the area of ​​Srpska, FBiH and Brčko, because donors are slowly turning to Ukraine, Syria and other countries. I am afraid that very soon, donors community will not take Bosnia and Herzegovina mine action issue as priority - said Obradović.
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