It is a project jointly implemented by World Vision BiH and the Udas Amputation Organization, funded by the EU, World Vision Austria and partner municipalities in BiH, with the aim of socio-economic empowerment and integration of mine victims and their families in 11 mine-threatened municipalities in BiH: Stanari, Doboj, Lukavac, Zvornik, Konjic, Cajnice, Velika Kladusa, Bihac, Bosanska Krupa, Donji Vakuf and Travnik.
Thanks to this two-year project worth 388 830 Eur, that began in November 2017, and whose finalization is expected by the end of July 2019, 60 men and women mine survivors, are enabled to start their small businesses in agriculture and craft despite disabilities, through the provided training, tools, machines and participation in fairs.

This is an attempt to improve the living conditions of mine victims and their families, whom these “incidents” have labeled their entire lives. Mine victims are facing economic and social exclusion from society, because BiH has no infrastructure for the economic independence of persons with disabilities, along with the lack of a positive attitude to accept mine victims and to exploit their abilities.

It is emphasized that mine victims should use their rights and realize their potentials, and participate in the development of their communities as fully integrated citizens.

Recently adopted new Mine Action Strategy of Bosnia and Herzegovina 2018-2025 envisages fulfillment of remaining obligations from the Mine Ban Treaty, concerning the identification and clearing of the remaining mined territories by 2025.

Final removal of remaining mines and UXO, and adequate approach to assisting mine victims, as one of the pillars of mine action, largely depends on the capacity of the competent institutions to improve the management of mine action in BiH and mobilize the community for additional contribution in meeting the remaining obligations, taken over by international and domestic obligations.


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