Vadim Chernish, Minister for Temporarily Occupied Territories and Internally Displaced Persons of the Republic of Ukraine,, accompanied by his Deputy Viktoria Voronina, and several Advisers and Heads of the Department for Emergency Situations and Defense, along with other members of the delegation responsible for mine action implementation in Ukraine, visited Bosnia and Herzegovina Mine Action Center and discussed about the possibility of practice exchange and obtaining more information on mine problem in our country and about methods and techniques for conducting field operations. The aim is to transfer the collected experience and lessons learned, so they can serve as a basic tool for the establishment of mine action system in their country.

This visit is a continuation of the cooperation and conclusions from the meeting held in November 2018 in Sarajevo, when possibility of organizing today visit was initiated and when cooperation was proposed in terms of exchange of experience and professional documentation in this area, and the possibilities of applying them in Ukraine.

Having in mine the complexity of the problem of mines and unexplored ordnance during the war in the Republic of Ukraine, the need for studying practices and experiences in BiH was emphasized, bearing in mind that the experience of BiH and Bosnia and Herzegovina Mine Action Center is one of the successful examples of in the world.

It is planned that a distinguished delegation be introduced with the legal framework, organizational structure and professional legislation of mine action in BiH. They will also visit the Dog Training Center of the Norwegian People's Aid and Land Release Project in Buturović Polje, Konjic.



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