The Japanese government has decided to provide a grant of 412,480 euros (about 806,700 KM) for a demining projects in Vitez and rehabilitation projects for elementary schools in Foca and Zenica.

As the Japanese ambassador to BiH Hideyuki Sakamoto said, the Government of Japan will allocate 271,029 euros (about 530,087 KM) for a 4 demining projects in Vitez in the area of Krčevina, total area of 225400m2, which are just one more in a series of projects funded by the Embassy of Japan in the municipalities most impacted with mines in BiH. These are mostly agricultural areas and areas where demining will enable the restoration of housing and livestock development.

The demining project will be implemented by Human Security Improvement (ITF), which is a humanitarian, non-profit organization of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, in close cooperation with BHMAC and the local community. The project is co-financed by the US Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the amount of around 15,800 euros.

Saša Obradović, the Acting Director of the BiH Mine Action Center (BHMAC), said that Japan is one of the largest donors in BiH in the area of mine action.

– We hope that Japan will remain one of our most important partners. Mine contamination prevents the return of refugees and displaced persons, as well as the reconstruction of infrastructure and the utilization of arable land and forests. The aim is to free the mine contaminated land by technical and non-technical survey operations  and return it to the population for further use. Municipality of Vitez is one of the most polluted mines in BiH, and demining will enable the restoration of housing and livestock development – Obradovic explained.


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