Mine found in Stojcevac area, Ilidza municipality, is not left behind the past war events

PMA-3 anti-personnel landmine that was found in the area leading from Stojcevac to the Šiljak hill, in the Sarajevo municipality Ilidža, on 19 August 2019, is not left behind the past war events, but more a device rejected by unknown persons. This was confirmed by a field inspection of BHMAC team, who visited the location in order to inspect and determine origin of found mine.

Location where this device was found, had not been processed through previous demining projects, and there was no information about the possible  mine treat in this part of region. Also, since it is a track trail that is in a very frequent use, one would certainly have noticed and reported such a device earlier, given the fact that device was located on the surface, where it could be easily spotted.

At the same time, it should be emphasized that the device was not found in one piece but disassembled, more precisely the lid and its lower part, but without a fuse and a rubber lining, and as such it was not ready for an activation, as it was repeatedly transmitted through the medias yesterday .

BHMAC would like to remind that the municipality of Ilidža was officially declared a mine-free community last year, and as a result of many years of investment and implementation of mine clearance projects.

However, BHMAC appeals to all people not to discard explosive ordnance, as well as to report and not to do anything on your own initiative, in case you detect any similar devices, no matter if it is a not active device or a similar weapon,  since it can lead to an immediate danger.


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