The total suspected area in Gračanica currently amounts to 8.1 km2, or 3.83% of the total size of the town. The most contaminated area is the northern part of the city, Trebava, between Lendići and Stražba, ie the area along the former confrontation lines.

Up to know, 11 people have been killed and 16 injured in the area of Gracanica.

However, despite these facts, it is common for irresponsible persons to enter the areas behind the mine danger signs, most often for firewood cutting.

So far, through a total of 46 implemented projects, about 1.4 km2 of risk area has been demined.
Using the Land Release method, two projects are made for the area of Donji Skipovac in size of 3.07 km2, and Lendići in size of 654,510 m2.
MSA project for the largest mine suspected area in the area of Gornji Skipovac is in its developing phase.

At the recent meeting with representatives of the City Administration of Gracanica, representatives of BH MAC RO Tuzla, appealed to all persons who have any information or knowledge about the existence of mines in this area, to submit them to BHMAC, since these information are crucial for faster and more efficient development of project.


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