There are still app 13,3 km2 of mine suspected areas left in the Posavina County, scoping municipality of Odžak with area of ​​6,7 km2, municipality of Orašje with ​​app 5,06 km2 and municipality of Domaljevac-Šamac with app 1,57 km2. In 2021 in Posavina County, demining was implemented in the areas of Orašje and Odžak, where five tasks with a total area of ​​679,616 m2 were demined. The tasks were carried out by the Armed Forces of BiH and the Federal Civil Protection Administration, under the supervision of Bosnia and Herzegovina Mine Action Center. By the spring of 2022, Lepnica -Veprice task with an area of ​​69,020 m2 is expected to be finalized. 
The demining plan for 2022, envisages the implementation of projects: MSA Vidovice Talaševićka / Orašje, with total area of 1,206,000 m2, Oštra Luka-Bok 3, area of 52,928 m2, Put Dominkovići KO D.Mahala, area of 6,288 m2, and MSA Odžak Dubica, Novi Grad, area of ​​1,470,000 m2.

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