Project is implemented by the organization “Mines Advisory Group”, with financial support by the Government of the United States. It mainly scopes agricultural and forest land areas near Zbilje, Pljesevica, Prijeko, Cekrekcije, Buci, Stuparici, Dvor, Slatina and Citluk, where there is a justified fear of mines and explosives, left over from the previous war.

The implementation of this very demanding project was preceded by extensive collection of information by BHMAC and the Civil Protection Service of the City of Visoko, which included re-surveying the suspicious area, definition of demining projects and expert opinion related to the mine situation, along with preparation of necessary demining documentation and infrastructure construction.

It is a terrain near which a large number of citizens and school-age children often walking by and who can come into contact with the risk area. Not far from this location, there is a tourist destination on Pješevica as part of the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids, which is very visited by domestic and foreign tourists.

Source: http://visoko.gov.ba/ba/pregled-novosti/maj-2020/do-kraja-2020-godine-bit-%C4%87e-deminirano-preko-2-miliona-kvadratnih-metara-povr%C5%A1ine.aspx


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