At the beginning of June, the implementation of the SHA project, with an area of ​​about one million square meters, began in Orahovica, Lukavac municipality. The contractor is the MAG organization, with the expert supervision and control of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Mine Action Center and the financial support of the German Embassy in BiH.

It is a land release project, a combination of technical and non-technical methods, which will enable processing more land in a shorter time, while the  money allocated in this purpose, will be used more efficiently.

In addition to protecting the lives of citizens from the remaining deadly weapons and mines, the implementation of this project will provide access to the river Turija, by regulating its flow, which in the past period flooded the central part of Orahovica and caused great damage to the local population.

Completion of this project is expected by the end of October this year.

During the previous year, about 400 mines and about 50 UXO were found in the municipality of Lukavac.

Having in mind that there are several other larger mine suspected locations in the area of ​​Lukavac, the municipality of Lukavac, in cooperation with BH MAC, has prepared projects and documentation for the continuation of the demining process in this area. If the conditions allow, after the finalization of this project, the next project will be continued immediately, and that is demining on the stretch between Cerik to Milino Selo.

In this year Budget of the Municipality of Lukavac for 2020, 120,229.00 KM is planned for co-financing of the demining process.

Source: https://opcina.lukavac.ba/u-toku-realizacija-projekta-deminiranja-na-podrucju-opcine-lukavac/


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