At the 18th Meeting of the States Parties to the Mine Ban Convention, the delegation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, consisting of representatives of the BiH Permanent Mission in Geneva, members of the BiH Demining Commission and the BiH Mine Action Center, during their presentation of the request for the extension of deadlines under Article 5 of the Convention, referring to the removal of AP mines from remaining minefields under the jurisdiction of our country, highlighted the reasons why the new deadline is realistic and achievable, and according to the planned pace of use of available operational and financial resources. This new plan is based on the results of the general assessment of mine suspected areas, gaining more complete analysis of existing data, along with better planning of mine action projects in the coming period, and much more precise and clear prioritization, done in more efficient and effective way, then in previous years.

The revision of the existing Mine Action Strategy is planned for 2023, while the new deadline for fulfilling the obligations under Article 5 is March 2027.

Our country signed the Convention in 1997, which was ratified in 1998, and entered into force in 1999.

Bosnia and Herzegovina's request for approval of the deadline until 2027, you can read at the link:


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