The survey team of the Mine Action Center, RO Tuzla, with the assistance of Civil Protection Service of the Municipality of Kalesija, is currently conducting non-technical survey activities in the area of ​​Seljublja, Municipality of Kalesija.

These are former confrontation lines, where a large number of mines are expected to be found, according to information obtained by former members of military formations, and data from available mine field records. fake vs real rolex fake watches in uk orologi patek philippe replica
The planned MSP mostly covers the northern part of the local community of Seljublje, including Banj brdo, Bandera, Baljkovica, Toromanovići, Puljkov Do, Čifluk, Selišta and Vrela. A smaller part includes Kolimer, along the asphalt road Tuzla-Bijeljina, and Hrasno Donje around the area of ​​Bandera.
It is a hilly area.
Eliminating the mine danger would create conditions for unimpeded entry into forest areas for the use of wood resources, while creating the conditions for the reclamation of arable land, as well as for the development of livestock.
Around the local road Banj Brdo – Relej Stolice, there is a weekend settlement with several renovated weekend houses, which would increase the level of security for their owners as well. Access would be provided to other cottages for the purpose of their renovation.
In order to make the most efficient and comprehensive preparations for demining and technical survey operations in this area, all citizens who have some knowledge about mined areas are asked to report it to:

-BHMAC RO TUZLA – 035-294-249, 035-294-250, ru_tuzla@bhmac.tihenoci.com


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