The management of the municipality of Lopare, held a meeting with the representatives of the Mine Action Center in BiH, the NGO “Posavina without mines” and the forestry Majevica.

The topic of the meeting was the continuation of demining in the area of ​​this municipality, where 16 people have been killed by mines so far, 6 of them fatally.

So far, the demining process has been financed through donors, and the contaminated area in the territory of this municipality has been significantly reduced, but it is still large and amounts to about 4.9 km2. These are 65 mine suspected locations, within Jablanica, Brusnica, Biber and Milosavac.

The remaining mines, impact the free movement of people and create problems for the economy, and a good example of that is the Majevica Forestry, where mines affect the safety of their field activities. In that sense, this forestry is even ready to finance demining projects in Lopare.

In addition to demining, the importance of public information of people about the existing danger was emphasized at the meeting, as well as the necessity of renewing and marking mine suspected areas, which remained in the area of ​​the municipality of Lopare.

Representatives of BHMAC expressed the need to define the priorities of mine action in the coming period, bearing in mind the strategic importance of these projects.



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