GICHD in collaboration with the Lebanese Mine Action Centre (LMAC)  hosted a workshop on Liability in Mine Action in Beirut, Lebanon from 4-6 December 2019.

Liability refers to any legal responsibility, duty or obligation that a country, organisation or individual may have. In mine action, liability is understood in relation to an adverse event, such as an accident or the discovery of a missed item in an area that has been released, and normally linked to non-compliance with agreed standards or procedures (IMAS 07.11, Land Release).

Integrating liability into encompassing comprehensive and participatory Risk Management Frameworks will foster confidence in the services and products delivered by the mine action sector. The application of a comprehensive and effective risk management system should ensure that those risks associated with legal liability are maintained at a tolerable level. (IMAS 07.14, Risk Management in Mine Action).

GICHD aims to build on previous work in the field of liability in mine action, to support affected states in enhancing their Land Release operations and adopting responsive and relevant liability and risk management frameworks.

In addition to numerous representatives of the world's Mine Action Centers and mine action organizations, the workshop was attended by representatives of Bosnia and Herzegovina Mine Action Center: Tarik Šerak, Head of Mine Action Management Department and Bojan Klepić, Head of  Banja Luka Office.


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