DG NEAR recently tasked a team of experts to conduct a scoping exercise on landmine removal in the Western Balkans.This assignment is a result of the Western Balkans Strategy, which targets the issue of identifying and removing landmines in the region as an outstanding sensitive issue that needs to be addressed to make progress on good neighborly relations and reconciliation in the region.

Saša Obradović, BHMAC Director, along with its Assistant director Dragan Stojak and Tarik Šerak, Chief of Operations Department, met with EU experts Mr Gerhard Zank and Mr Leon Kukkuk, to discuss the aforementioned issues as well as on the objectives of the Mine Action Strategy 2019-2025, the results of the project of the General Assessment of Mine Suspecting Areas 2018-2019, as well as on demining projects funded by the European Union in recent years. There was also talk about how to spend the funds foreseen by the IPA 2018 project.


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