The Joint Defense and Security Commission of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly, in cooperation with the Geneva Center for the Control of the Armed Forces of the CAF and NATO Headquarters in BiH, organized a Review Conference on the topic “Legislative Framework, Topical state and plans of BiH institutions in the field of defense and security.  The conference was attended by members of the Joint Defense and Security Commission of BiH, Parliamentary Military Commissioner of BiH, members of the Independent Board and Complaints Committee of the citizens of BiH, representatives of the BiH Presidency, the BiH Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces, the BiH Ministry of Security, and the directors of the BiH police and security agencies, as well as representatives from EUFOR, NATO and UNDP.

It is a regular activity of the Joint Commission for Defense and Security of BiH, within which representatives of institutions from the defense and security sector present the current state of affairs in their institutions, possible problems and plans for 2020.

Sasa Obradovic, Director of the BiH Mine Action Center, emphasized the importance of inter institutional cooperation and support, and informed everyone present about the mine action results , with particular reference to the Country Assessment project, as a basis for submitting a request for extension to Article V of the Ottawa Convention. Projects for establishing a new BHMAC database and a mobile application for mine suspected areas were also presented. Special attention was given to the needs of adopting a new Law on Demining, in terms of adapting it to changes in the mine action structure and new methods of field operations.


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