In the upcoming 4th April International Mine Awareness Day, Mine Action Center in BiH, advise citizens to be aware of mine and UXO remanants scattered around the country, since BiH is still facing a problem of mine contamination, which directly affects the citizens safety and directly impacts on its socio economic development.

With the arrival of spring and beautiful weather, more and more people are going up in the mountains, forests and meadows, while others start agricultural work, from where the invisible “killers”are often lurking.

Mine Action Center in BiH warns citizens when they spot a mine immediately inform the police or the Civil Protection, and that they do not try to remove the mines themselves.

In many settlements, along with minefields there are schools, so children often go right beside the mine warning signs. Therefore it is very important to respect these signs in no case do not go behind them.

This year we are marking 20 years since the entry into force of the Convention on the Prohibition of Anti-Personnel Mines adopted in Oslo in 1997 and signed in Ottawa in 1997.

On April 25, 2018, Bosnia and Herzegovina submitted a new request for the extension of the demining period for the next two years. That request was officially approved at the 17th meeting of the Convention's member states, held in November 2018.

In the meantime, the Council of Ministers of BiH, at the proposal of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, adopted the Strategy of Mine Action of Bosnia and Herzegovina from 2018-2025 in order to enable the development of an efficient and effective state anti-mine action program with a focus on reducing and completely eliminating mine dangers for the population in BiH.

Project that is now being implemented in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with aim at providing new information on remaining mine suspected areas in BiH, is conducted by BHMAC in cooperation with NGO Norwegian Peoples Aid and the Armed Forces of BiH, with the financial support of the EU.


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