The Director of Bosnia and Herzegovina Mine Action Center, Sasa Obradovic, spoke today with the Minister of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Zukan Helez, and the Executive Director of the American Marshall Legacy Institute (MLI), Mrs. Elise Becker The focus of the meeting is to harmonize activities to deal with the remaining mine-suspected areas, as part of the project “Mostar without mines”.

The meeting, which was held in the premises of the Ministry of Defense of BiH, was also attended by Deputy Minister of Defense of BiH for Policy and Planning Slaven Galić, Chief of Civil Protection and Fire Department of the City of Mostar Arnel Voljevica, and Advisor to the Mayor of the City of Mostar Ines Popovac Ćorić.

They discussed the current implementation of the “Mine-Free Mostar” project, which aims to resolve the mine-suspected area of 21.5 km2 in the territory of the city of Mostar, the areas of Hum, Brašina, Raštani and Šljeme, with the ultimate goal of creating a safe environment for the population of Mostar.

In accordance with the request from the US Government, it was pointed out that the Ministry of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina will, in accordance with its possibilities and capacities, provide support for the implementation of the this important project and pointed out the importance of security, both for the citizens of Mostar and for tourists visiting the city of Mostar.

At the same time, the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina will do their best to implement the project “Mostar without mines” as soon as possible.


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