In an interview for Radio Free Europe, director Sasa Obradovic, pointed out that the mobile application greatly contributes to mine warning activities. Application is available to all people or parties, especially in the field of tourism, forestry, hiking, including maintenance and construction of highways and water networks.
The application can be installed on a mobile phone, location tracking is activated and it gives the exact distance to the nearest mine suspected area in BiH.
An additional advantage of the application is the possibility that if someone finds a suspicious object, it is warned how to behave in such a situation, or how to inform the competent institutions about finding it.

The application contributes to better safety of all persons moving near mine suspected areas, especially members of the mountain rescue service and border police, due to their daily search for missing persons and illegal border crossings by migrants.

Thanks to the application and cooperation with the tourist project via Dinarica, certain minefields that are located on the routes of mountaineers have already been identified.

Bearing in mind, that there is a lot of forests within mine suspected locations, all forestry's in Bosnia and Herzegovina have expressed great interest in this application, so that they can carry out deforestation in a planned manner, without endangering their workers.

The development of the application was preceded by the modernization of the existing BHMAC information system and the updating of the complete database.

The application was made in cooperation and with the support of UNDP BiH.



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