Bosnia and Herzegovina Mine Action Center

The Red Cross of the Federation of BiH in the period from December 3rd to December 10th is marking Mine Awareness Week.

Mine risk education is one of the components of mine action with the basic goal of raising awareness about the danger of mines, reducing the possibility of new accidents and highlighting the long-term danger of mines and explosive remnants of war.

Given that fact, the Red Cross, as part of its activities throughout BiH, puts up signs for urgent marking of mine suspected areas, billboards with maps of minefields, signs prohibiting movement, and permanent mine fences.

So far, 20 playgrounds for children have been set up in safe areas within impacted communities, as a risk reduction measure. Until the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, the “Think of Mines” competition was organized every year for elementary school students, gathering app 25,000 children throughout the country.
The Red Cross in BiH has been implementing a mine risk education program since 1996, in full co-operation with BH MAC and with the technical and financial support of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

Employees and volunteers of the Red Cross are continuously working on education and raising awareness of the dangers of mines of target groups, such as students, farmers, locals, returnees, hunters, fishermen, forest workers, wood and plant collectors, firefighters, hikers and others.



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