In accordance with the BiH Council of Ministers act No: 01-07-5-849 /20 as of 16 March 2020, which provided instructions on the conduct of the institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina in order to ensure the protection of the lives and health of their employees due to the risk of a possible epidemic virus caused by a virus corona (COVID-19), the Director of the Mine Action Center of Bosnia and Herzegovina issued the Instruction on Compulsory Treatment in accordance with the aforementioned, which stipulates a measure of minimum work process that will not jeopardize carrying out of the basic activities of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Mine Action Center.

Bearing in mind the orders and instructions of the BiH Coordination Body for Protection and Rescue, the recommendations of the World Health Organization and other competent institutions, it was decided that part of the tasks and activities, where possible, should be carried out by e-mail and other alternative means without reaching the premises of the institution.

We appeal to all parties, except in the case of emergency acts, to submit their requests to the Bosnia and Herzegovina Mine Action Center in the following ways:

By email: info@bhmac.tihenoci.com

By post to: Kasindolska 192, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Contact telephones: 033 253800 (Cabinet of directors)

065404312 (Public Relations)

061229994 (Protocol)

065911408 (Technical Secretary)

Exceptionally, in urgent and justified cases it is possible to submit their requests in person to the address: Kasindolska 192, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, work days, from 11.00 to 12.00 AM.


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