This is the first part of the Conference, and its continuation is scheduled for February 4-5, 2021, when the final decision on requests for extension under Article 4 of this Convention will be made, relating to clearance activities and risk reduction.
In September 2010, Bosnia and Herzegovina ratified the Convention on Cluster Munitions, taking on the responsibility and obligation to free the country from cluster munitions, providing assistance to victims of cluster munitions and destroying all existing stockpiles.
The total suspicious area under cluster munitions in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2020 is 2.24 km2 in 36 identified contaminated areas – micro locations.
The deadline under the Convention was to solve the problem of cluster munitions by 2021. The problem was further complicated by the global pandemic crisis COVID-19, which delayed the start of the demining season in the period March-June.2020, using limited capacities and a serious slowdown in field activities.
Bosnia and Herzegovina plans to deal with the remaining problem of cluster munitions in two ways – given that some areas are also contaminated with AP mines. Specifically, there are 6 micro locations, covering a total of 651,480 m2. First step is to clear the mines, following by the removal of cluster munitions.
In order to fulfill the obligations under Article 4 of the Convention, within the required period (18 months) from March 1, 2021 to September 1, 2022, funds in the total amount of USD 2.73 million are required. Funds are planned to be provided through donors and local sources.
You can view the request for extension of Bosnia and Herzegovina at the link:


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