The first Social Mine Victims Assistance Conference in BiH was held from June 26th to 28th at Jahorina and it gathered a large number of mine victims, members of the Coordinating Body for Assistance to Victims of Mines, Cluster Munitions and Explosive Remnants Remaining From War, Representatives of Business Enterprises and Associations, as well as representatives of BHMAC. The aim of the conference is to pay particular attention to local public institutions, NGOs and citizens on the situation of victims in BiH, within the framework of the Strategy for Mine Action in BiH from 2018 to 2025.

The first Social Mine Victim Assistance Conference in BiH was held within the framework of the EU Mine Victims Assistance Project and their families in BiH titled “Earn not to – earn, not get”. The financial resources in the amount of 790,000 KM were provided by the European Union while the project was realized by the non-governmental organization Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund e.V from Germany.

This project covers 66 mine victims or their families who will receive non-refundable material grants worth up to 5,000 KM for the purchase of greenhouses, agricultural machinery, motor cultivators, livestock and various craft tools for performing artwork.

At the official ceremony, 66 contracts were signed on granting business grants to mine victims and members of their families.


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