On October 13, 2020, Country Coalition conference was held online, aimed to once again promote the importance of mine action in Bosnia and Herzegovina and to seek additional solutions for financing mine action in our country

Conference was organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Germany in Bosnia and Herzegovina in cooperation with the BiH Ministry of Civil Affairs, with over 40 participants attended online, including representatives of domestic and foreign institutions, embassies and other subjects involved in mine action in our country.

The conference was focused on the political aspects of mine action in BiH, as well as on the technical challenges and options for reaching a mine-free country, cluster munitions and UXO.

It was pointed out that despite the fact that Bosnia and Herzegovina sought additional time to end the problem of landmines and unexploded ordnance under internationally signed conventions and obligations arising from them, the fact is that our country is doing all possible in order to achieve what we has begun years ago, so that new generations do not have to live in constant fear of mine danger.

It was also emphasized once again that in order to solve this task as efficiently as possible, state institutions must show an even greater degree of commitment in fulfilling their domestic and international obligations, with continued assistance from the donor community, because unfortunately Bosnia and Herzegovina is still not able to cover over complete financial aspect of mine action.


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