In the wider area of ​​the village of Šehovci, some 10 km2 from Sanski Most, demining of land continued, as well as the removal of unexploded ordnance left over from the previous war.
This is a project funded by the Government of Norway, implemented by the organization “Norwegian People's Aid”, and in cooperation with the BiH Mine Action Center.

This is a task that was paused due to the pandemic and on which two phases have been done so far, while this last phase of demining will include the area from the village of Šehovci to Suhodol, and the wider area of ​​the village of Škrljevita.
In recent years, about 5.5 km2 of land has been cleared in this area, where more than 100 AP mines and several unexploded ordnance have been found. This is the area that is known for certain to hide numerous minefields, since it is a former separation line.
Sanski Most belongs to the category of municipalities with a high risk of unexploded ordnance after Bihać, in Una-Sana Canton, and is considered as the local community with the largest number of minefields remaining from the previous war period.


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