EU Commissioner for Enlargement Oliver Varhelji, during the meetings with political leaders in BiH, pointed out that our country can realize all the benefits that come from EU programs and funds, including the European Investment Pact.

BiH's clear and credible European perspective was emphasized, and important steps have been taken to realize 14 key priorities from the European Commission's Opinion. All required activities were done towards the country's candidate status, which is a roadmap for future EU membership.

The European Investment Package is a fundamental package of EU assistance aimed at improving the economy and economic recovery from the Kovid pandemic 19.

BiH is an extremely important beneficiary of the program and plan. Its implementation would enable the implementation of key projects already agreed with the local authorities in BiH. However, this implies urgent action in order to implement projects in the field of transport, such as the VC corridor, which includes not only highways but also rail traffic, demining of the Sava River and ensuring road communication on the Sarajevo-Podgorica route.



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