BH MAC Regional Office Tuzla is conducting preparatory activities for the implementation of the project in the mine suspected area Kovačica, which includes the settlements: Kovačica, Cviljevina, Konjkovići and Gornja Tuzla. This includes collecting information from citizens living in the mentioned areas, about the mines. The goal of these activities is to obtain the most accurate “picture” about the contamination of the mentioned area with mines and ERW.

In this regard, a meeting was held between the representatives of the BHMAC Regional Office Tuzla, the Civil Protection Service of the City of Tuzla and citizens of local communities to which these areas belong (Kovačica, Cviljevina, Konjkovići and Gornja Tuzla), in order to inform citizens on planned activities and manner of gathering information.

In order to prepare as efficiently and comprehensively as possible for demining and technical survey operations in this area, all citizens are asked to report all information about mines to the survey team in the field or on contact numbers:

Civil Protection Service of the City of Tuzla – 121 or 035-364-255

BHMAC Regional Office Tuzla – 035-294-249, 035-294-250

or e-mail: ru_tuzla@bhmac.tihenoci.com; sluzba.cz@tuzla.ba


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