At the invitation of the EUFOR Commander, Major General Reinhard Trischak, BiH Minister of Civil Affairs Ankica Gudeljevic, BiH Minister of Defense Sifet Podzic and Director of BiH Mine Action Centre Sasa Obradovic today visited the demining site of MSA Gojcin, Kalesija Municipality , 120 km north from Sarajevo. MSP Gojčin covers an area of ​​2,380,837 m2 on which 82 mines and 31 pieces of UXO were found.

The delegation landed in the area close to Tuzla by EUFOR helicopter and were able to witness demining operations first hand demonstrated by demining battalion of the BiH Armed Forces.

The director of Bosnia and Herzegovina Mine Action Centre, Sasa Obradovic presented the mine situation in our country and talked with government officials about the possibilities of procuring new off-road vehicles for the Armed Forces of BiH and BH MAC.

The EUFOR Commander said that “Land Release is a method of future removal and destruction of old mines and that the greatest support is our continued progress towards a safe environment. The restrictions caused by Covid-19 have hampered this work for several months so the resumption of mine clearing activity, gives us collective direction. “

There are still 964 km2 of mine suspected areas left in Bosnia and Herzegovina and there are currently 478 active demining projects containing an estimated 182,000 mines. Employing this  approach to demining will shorten the overall effort of clearance and make better use of the funds available.


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