At the meting of BHMAC Chiefs of all organizational units, on topic of
the analysis of the work and the assessment of the activities so far implemented, within the operational plan for this year, it was
pointed out that the results are at a satisfactory level, and in the coming period additional efforts will be made to achieve the set goals and lag from the previous year.

According to good indicators for this year, it is expected that more significant results compared to the previous one can be achieved, taking into account the implementation of projects through donor countries.

Currently, in our country there 54km2 of MSA tasks in progress.

In 2021, which was extremely difficult, primarily due to the threat in the form of covids, our country was forced to reduce demining operations, but we still managed to free an area of ​​23km2. Using technical methods, 1364 mines and 354 pieces of other explosive devices were removed.

The established web platform of the information system is accessible to the entire population and participants in mine action, and it greatly contributes to education and mine risk education activities.

In the coming period, Bosnia and Herzegovina will switch to the IMSMA Core information system, with the aim to fully enable operational work, as a better and more transparent system in BiH.

Due to the increased movement of migrants, and in order to increase the capacity of trained personnel for mine risk education, an additional number of people have been trained to perform these activities within migrant camps and, if necessary, in the field.


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