On September 01, 2016 at 14:00 an accident had occurred at the site of Veseoski Podovi, in the municipality of Bugojno. One person, Edin Kišija, had died and the other two, Nedžad Bedžedović and Midhat Balić, were seriously injured. The accident occurred while the Bugojno forestry workers were preparing wood for cutting in the section 106, during which an unknown explosive device became activated.
BHMAC did not have any knowledge nor information about the danger of mines within the area in which the accident occurred and because of that not perform any mine surveys or marking for the noted area. Until now, BHMAC did not receive any requests from the local government, business companies or individuals for this area to conduct a survey and determine the mine risk.
Nevertheless, immediately after receiving information about the accident, operative staff of BHMAC from RO Travnik visited the location and participated in the evacuation of victims, as well as, according to available information, made an initial report.
In order to determine circumstances and facts, BHMAC will require detailed information about evacuation of victims from Federal Administration of Civil Protection and will contact the Police station in Bugojno, which performed the inspection.


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