In period 6-10 September 2021, a Regional Technical Survey Training is organized by the Geneva Center for Humanitarian Demining, and in cooperation with the NGO Norwegian People's Aid, is being held in Sarajevo.

Technical survey, as a key step in the process of land release, involves the identification, validation and improvement of definitions of the boundaries of hazardous areas. Data collected through technical surveys significantly assist in decision-making process and subsequent use of appropriate tools and resources, directly contributing to increased operational, cost efficiency and effectiveness.

Participants are representatives of regional centers for humanitarian demining, and the NGO sector, and thus providing an opportunity for participants from different operational contexts to gather and exchange experiences.

The training aims to acquaint all participants with clear definitions and guidelines on good practice, what is recommended by International Mine Action Standards.

The course is held at the NPA Global Training Center in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with lecturers from GICHD, where participants will have the opportunity to acquire theoretical knowledge, with practical demonstrations and exercises.


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