The project "Heroes among us" was created out of the desire to provide an opportunity for additional visibility to people with disabilities, where they will be able to present themselves in the right way, without discrimination, stigmatization, stereotypes and prejudices. A socially responsible project, initiated by the company Molson Coors, the brand Jelen pivo and the Organization of amputees UDAS, with the aim of presenting people with disabilities in an affirmative way.

The campaign includes positive, interesting and inspiring stories, which will be presented to the public within the web platform "Heroes among us", as well as through the media and social networks.

The true heroes are really among us, we meet them every day in the neighborhood, at the street, where we least expect to see them.

The first inspirational video "Heroes among us" is available at the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QeWbcUZpils

Web platform available at www.herojimedjunama.com

More information at: www.udas.ba

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