On 7 November 2016, at the location Čardak – Tramošnica Donja in the municipality Pelagićevo, mine accident had happened where shepherd F.S., from the village Suvi Do – Municipality Travnik, died.

According to the initial report, the accident happened by activation of anti-personnel mine PROM -1, in the area that has not been declared as risk or marked with signs of mine danger.

BHMAC did not have information about the existence of risk in the vicinity of the area where accident occurred. Also, by the local government of the Municipality Pelagićevo there were no requests for initiation of mine actions.

Having in mind consequences of the mine accident and the initial results of the investigation, BHMAC will form a special team with the task of establishing the facts and circumstances leading to the death of civilian and in accordance to its competence and authority will propose appropriate measures.


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