Bosnia and Herzegovina Mine Action Center

The International Center for Humanitarian Demining in Geneva (GICHD) has formed a team working on a study of mined areas located in hard-to-reach areas. The study is planned to be conducted in the Balkan countries that have a problem with mines.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, almost 500 km2 of mine suspected areas are located in difficult-to-access areas, ie forests, mountains, valleys, etc. These mine suspected areas are remote from populated areas and fall into the third priority category for demining.

The aim of this study is to conduct a field and financial assessment in all Balkan countries that have a problem with mines for the justification and efficiency of cleaning these areas.

On that occasion, the members of the GICHD team organized an online meeting with BH MAC representatives and agreed on the next steps. First step is the arrival of experts from Geneva to come to Bosnia and Herzegovina and their visit to these areas in cooperation with the BiH Mine Action Center.


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