A meeting of the members of the BiH Demining Commission and BH MAC with representatives of embassies of donor countries in the field of mine action was held in Sarajevo today, with the aim of discussing the current situation regarding the demining process.

In addition to reviewing the progress made, and presenting the official Request for extension of the deadline under Article 5 of the Ottawa Convention as well as the official Request for extension of the cluster munitions problem in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the aim of the meeting was to promote mutual understanding and vision for meeting the international obligations for the removal of mines and cluster munitions taken over by Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Common conclusion  is that the demining process was slowed down, primarily due to the difficulties caused by the pandemic. A large part of the funds was redirected to other priorities such as health care, including the money that was intended for demining.

Participants also noted the need to pay more attention to this area in the future in order to make up the time wasted during pandemic.

Members of the BiH Demining Commission emphasized that the interest of donors and their investments in BiH is extremely important for Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the expectation that cooperation will continue on the benefits of all BiH residents.

Participants were also informed about the results of the project General Assessment of Mine Suspected Areas , as well as the impact of the project on further planning of operational tasks and development of strategic documents.


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