At the 10th session of the Joint Commission for Defense and Security of BiH, held on December 7, 2020, the director of the Mine Action Center in BiH, Sasa Obradovic, informed all members of the Joint Commission for Defense and Security of BiH, and all other participants in the session, about the implementation Mine Action Strategies of Bosnia and Herzegovina for the period 2018-2025.

During his statement, Mr. Obradović mentioned all activities related to the drafting of requests for extension of deadlines under the Conventions on the Prohibition of AP Mines and Cluster Munitions, along with the results of the General Assessment of Mine Suspected Areas in BiH, and the development of a new web-oriented database, which will replace the existing system and increase the availability and transparency of mine action data in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

All these actions, as well as the circumstances caused by the current epidemiological situation in the country and throughout the world, as well as the allocation of planned financial resources, had a significant impact on the realization of strategic and operational goals in the previous two years of the Strategy implementation , which is planned to be revised in 2023.


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