At the meeting with the representatives of the civil protection service of the municipality of Ugljevik, the representatives of BH MAC RO Pale, expressed concern over the illegal forest cutting, on an area of app 3 hectares, within the defined risk area of ​​the first phase, on the site “Prosjeka 4” conducted by unidentified persons. The need to take all measures in order to identify the persons who did this and to prevent the continuation of such actions in the future was emphasized. This area is located near the main road, and it is extremely important to respect the warning signs, for the safety of all persons moving in its vicinity.
The current mine suspected area in the municipality of Ugljevik covers 0.9 km2, within two endangered communities: Mezgrajice and Glinje, where about 500 directly impacted inhabitants live. So far, 3 mine accidents have occurred in this area, and it is still expected that about 200 mine explosive devises will be found here.
Continuation of demining, ie realization of the land release project on the territory of the municipality of Ugljevik is planned for 2022, which will cover all remaining mine-defined areas within this municipality, with one non-technical survey project.


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