Assessment and control of locations in the municipalities of Trebinje and Konjic

As part of the project “General Assessment of the Mine Situation in BiH”, the NPA survey team, in cooperation with BHMAC, conducted an assessment on the territory of Trebinje Municipality.

In total, four MSAs (mine suspected areas) were identified.

At the same time, members of the external control team and the NPA survey team, in cooperation with the representative of the CP of Trebinje municipality and the local population, carried out a tour and control of the Trebinje 3 MSA (Slivnica) with a total area of ​​2,240,000 m2.

BHMAC teams also visited MSAs in Konjic municipality. There are 9 MSAs covering the suspected area of ​​the sites in Treskavica, Ljuta, Budovići, Ljeljen, Zelomići, Polje, Brda, Hotovlje, Luko.

The area of ​​the second MSA group covers an area of ​​17.92 km2. These are very inaccessible Category III terrains with scarce data available on the mine situation in the present BHMAC database.

Konjic municipality, as the largest municipality in BiH, also has the largest mine suspected area of ​​83.55 km2.

So far, the first MSA group has been completed (6 MSAs with an area of ​​12.68 km2), and one MSA “Trusina” with an area of ​​1.26 km 2 is currently in the progress of mine action operations.

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