Up to now, 136.148 mines have been found in Bosnia and Herzegovina

On the occasion of marking the International Mine Action Day, today, when the whole world is facing the COVID 19 pandemic, we draw attention to another global threat to human security and the development of the country's economic and tourist potentials, in the form of mine explosive devices left over from the previous war.
According to analyzes, our country is still one of the most mine-affected in the world, with over 800,000 vulnerable citizens, while the economic loss due to non-use of mine suspected areas is estimated at tens of millions of euros per year (65% forest area, 25% agricultural land currently blocked with mine threat).

The existing pandemic also affects the reduced demining activities, which is reflected in the overall implementation of annual and strategic plans. During the previous year, about 50% of the planned demining tasks were done, but at the same time, due to the increased number of people going to nature and their movement near suspected areas, emergency marking activities were intensified, with about 9,000 mine warning signs placed and renewed.

Thanks to the marking activities, as well as the mine education program, the number of accidents has been drastically reduced, compared to previous years, while in the last two years there have been no civilian casualties at all.
As a result of previous mine accidents, 1766 people died, out of which 617 were fatal. Of this number, 115 are deminers (53 fatal).
About 3,240 km2 of the suspected area were reduced, where 136.148 mines were found.
The danger was confirmed in 118, out of a total of 145 existing municipalities in our country. It is estimated that within 1,421 of impacted communities, there are still over 180,000 mines.

Since last year, a mobile application with mine suspected areas has been available in our country. In this way, the way of obtaining information on the safety of certain area or on the possible existence of a mine danger in the vicinity of the desired location, has been greatly simplified.
We emphasize that the purpose of the application is exclusively to warn citizens and tourists about the existence of dangerous areas and to prohibit the access to these locations.

The application is available to everyone and can be downloaded at:


Late last year, Bosnia and Herzegovina was granted an extension of the deadline for the removal of all remaining mines under the Ottawa Convention, signed in 1997, along with over 160 other countries affected by the same problem. The new approval, clearly specify that all remaining minefields in our country will be cleared by 2027, in accordance with the existing Mine Action Strategy in BiH. We express our gratitude to all donors and domestic institutions and organizations, who do not forget the importance of mine action in our country. At the same time, it is also important to indicate on the need for adopting the proposed amendments to the existing Law on Demining in BiH, in order to achieve adequate solutions for the final elimination of landmines in our country.


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