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Continuation of demining in the area of Gorazde
Goražde, 17.8.2015
Federal Civil Protection is currently conducting demining activities in the area Kazagići, local community Hubjeri, municipality Gorazde.

Technical survey activities will be conducted at area of 72.965,00m2, where 20 pieces of anti-personnel, anti-personnel mines and tripwires are expected to be found . Demining activities should be completed in the next two months.
Two more demining tasks opened in Pelagićevo and Brčko District
Brčko Distrikt, 12.8.2015
Clearance task Brđani Remičke, scoping area of 9,061.89m2, was opened in Pelagićevo. Activities will be implemented by demining organization „POINT d.o.o“.

Clearance task Dubrave Bubanj, scoping area of 22.495,39m2, was opened in Brčko Distrikt. Activities will be implemented by demining organization „UG DEMIRA“.
Five years since the entry into force of the Convention on Cluster Munitions
Sarajevo, 3.8.2015
On 1 August 2015, is the fifth anniversary of the entry into force of the Convention on Cluster Munitions, signed in 2008 by Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Current size of mine suspected area in BiH covers 1176.5 km2 or 2.3% of the total land area, with 1,417 communities affected by landmines/UXO, which directly affects the safety of about 538,500 people, or about 15% of the total population of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Since 1996, there were 1,733 mine and UXO casualties, out of which 604 with fatal income. During the field operations, there were 116 casualties among deminers, out of which 47 fatal.
Each year, humanitarian demining operations clear about 12 km2 of risk area, while BHMAC using systematic and general survey, reduce about 38 km2, which amounts to around 50 km2 of reduced area per year.
So far, 59800 AP mines, around 8300 antitank mines and around 54300 UXO were found, while over 170 km2 of risk areas was demined.
Further activities on the development of Standard Operating Procedures for Land Release
Sarajevo, 31.7.2015
As a part of Land Release project funded by EU Delegation to BiH and implemented by BHMAC, members of team for the development of Standards for Land Release, held a meeting in Sarajevo in period 27-29.07.2015.
The appointment of new members of Demining Commission in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Sarajevo, 24.7.2015
At the 16 session of the BiH Council of Ministers, held on 23.07.2015 in Sarajevo, by the proposal of the BiH Ministry of Civil Affairs, Council of Ministers brought the Decision on the appointment of new members of the Demining Commission in BiH.
Mine risk education in mine-affected community of Zagoni, municipality of Bratunac
Bratunac, 24.7.2015
On 23rd July, NPA implemented Mine risk education (MRE) in mine-affected community of Zagoni, municipality of Bratunac. The MRE activities were carried out through the presentation, small group discussions, by informing population about on-going mine action activities from door to door, as well as setting up of posters with safety warning messages.
One more technical survey task successfully implemented in the area of Brcko District
Brčko Distrikt, 23.7.2015
On 21.07.2015., in the area of Donji Vuksic, Brcko District, task Vuksic Donji - Tinjaši 5, covering 103.958m2, was successfully completed.
AP mine found in the area of Plazulje Gorica, District Brcko

Brčko Distrikt, 13.7.2015
On 09.07.2015., during firewood cutting, local farmer spotted the mine, after which he informed Center for monitoring and notification.

Field inspection conducted by BHMAC and Brcko District Civil Protection, confirmed that found mine is PMR-2A AP mine, containing a lighter and explosive charge. Place where mine was found is regularly marked with mine warning signs.
Metal detectors, demining protective equipment and computer equipment handed over to the Demining Battalion of the BH Armed Forces, as a part of USA donation
Sarajevo, 12.6.2015
The donation of the US Government in the amount of app. 65000 USD, were handed over today to the Demining Battalion of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
A ceremony was held in the barracks "Rajlovac" in the presence of highly ranked officials from the US Embassy in BiH, the Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces of BiH. Speakers once more was emphasized the continuity of US support in strengthening the capacity of the BiH Armed Forces, pointing out that the donated equipment will certainly contribute to increasing security in the local communities.
Demining activities in Donji Vukšić-Trnjaci, Brčko Distrik
Brčko Distrikt, 5.6.2015
Tehnical survey task at Donji Vukšić – Tinjaši 2, Brčko Distrikt, scoping area of 110.653,21m2, was opened on 03.06.2015.
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