Current mine situation/Plan/Report

The current size of the suspected mine area in BiH is 1.018. km2 or 2.1% in relation to the total country size.
Through the systematic survey operations, 8,525 suspected micro-locations have been defined, estimated to be laid with around 79,000 mines / UXO.
A general assessment of the impact of mines / UXOs / cluster munitions in 129 cities / municipalities in BiH, identified 1,388 mine / UXO / cluster munitions impacted communities
Micro-location contaminated with mines / UXO / cluster munitions directly affects the safety of 545.603 inhabitants or 15% of the total population of BiH.

After the war was finished 1,758 persons were killed, out of which 614 with fatal outcome.
During the implementation of humanitarian demining operations in BiH, 121 deminers were killed, out of which 51 deminer was dead.
In 2018, 3 mine incidents were reported in BiH, in which 1 person was killed, 3 persons injured.


In 2018, operations of technical mine clearance and mine clearance were carried out on 173 tasks with and at the end of the reporting year, the certified surface area was approximately 5.5 km2.
In these operations, 2,101 anti-personnel mines were found and destroyed, out of which 1,467 PP mines as a result of the clearance of minefields, 57 anti-tank mines and 1,032 ESZR mines. The average found mines per hectare is: 14.2 min / ha.
• Since the beginning of the implementation of the technical survey and mine clearance operations in BiH since 1996, this area has been reduced and cleaned ​​207.4 km2 in 2018.
• found and destroyed 65,796 anti-personnel mines,
• 8.521 anti-tank mines and
• 57,958 UXOs.
Technical survey and clearance currently being conducted on 11 mine-suspected areas with a total suspected hazardous area of ​​23.38 km2 where it is expected to find 1,531 mines.
In 2017, 26 Mine Action Organizations were accredited in BiH, where 1,200 persons possess accreditation and license for conducting mine action.
37 machines, 63 dogs, 1257 detectors.

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