Current mine situation


Bosnia and Herzegovina is still on of the most mine contaminated coutries i South Easter Europe region.

The general assessment of the impact of mines/cluster munition/ERW in 129 cities/ municipalities in BiH has identified 1,398 affected communities impacted by mines/cluster munitions/ERW.

Of the total number of affected communities 1,369 communities are contaminated by mines, while 60 communities are contaminated by cluster munition (of which 31 communities have combined contamination of landmines and cluster munition). Micro-locations contaminated with mines/cluster munition/ERW directly affect the safety of 545,000 inhabitants or 15% of the total population of BiH. Out of these, micro-locations contaminated with mines affect the safety of 517,238 inhabitants, while micro-locations contaminated by cluster munition affect the safety of 54,314 inhabitants (of which 25,949 inhabitants are at combined risk with mines and cluster munitions).

Through systematic survey operations it was defined 8,638 suspected micro-locations on which it is estimated that still remains around 80,000 mines/ERW.

Current size of suspected hazardous area on cluster munition in BiH is 7.31 km2, of which 4.3 km2 is combined suspected hazardous area on mines and cluster munition. Through systematic survey operations it was defined 207 suspected micro-locations on cluster munition with estimated 1,500 pieces of remained cluster submunition/ERW.

In the database (BHMAIS) it is currently registered 20,220 minefield records.

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