Mine risk education


For still long time, mine threat will be present in Bosnia and Herzegovina and continous mine risk education is essential in order to avoid potential mine and UXO victims.

Mine Risk Education referes to mine action component with final aim to reduce number of victims and to indicate on long term danger by conducting education, media presentation and by raising population awareness.

BHMAC is a state coordination body with main responsibility to train mine risk education managers and to define standards for mine risk education. Implementation of MRE projects is done by MRE organizations whose projects are certified and approved by BHMAC. All MRE activities are coordinated through BHMAC, assisted by UNICEF.

Reducing the risk area through demining and marking activities and due to more involvment of mine risk education program, the number of mine victims is decreacing in recent years.

Mine risk education is one of the largest venues in BiH Mine Action activities. Since 2003, MRE has been a formal part of BHMAC’s MA agenda and its MRE standards are based on those at the international level. In March 2004, an MRE Strategy was developed, following the cranfield mine action strategic planning model. The intention is that MRE Strategy should complement and be implemented into the overall BiH mine action strategy.

MRE is targeted at everyone, including children, adults, teachers and especially male farmers, as they have highest risk of injury or death from mine-related accidents. As reported by the Landmine Monitor Report 2004, 117454 people receive MRE in 2004. The most common methods of information transmission are posters, signs, brochures and school presentations. In 2005 the number of trained people was 33065.

UNICEF. The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is one organization that offers techical and financial support for MRE ctivities in BiH. Support is provided to school-age children in the form of school programs that stress the importance of mine awareness and injury prevention. Interactive puppet shows and workshops are effective visuals that enforce key concepts in MRE. Training is also provided for adults and teachers. This training is geared to help teachers incorporate MRE into core school subjects, thus exposing children of many ages to information on mine risks. Incidentally, MRE is a mandatory subject in five of the 10 Federation canons and in Brčko district.

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