Humanitarian Demining

Mine action activities:
-Humanitarian demining
-Mine risk education
-Mine victim assistance
-Stockpiles destruction

Humanitarian demining as one of main components includes activities regulated by Bosnia and Herzegovina Mine Action Standards. Bosnia and Hercegovina Mine Action Center conducts general and systematic survey and project documentation drafting, while accredited demining organizations conduct technical survey, clearance of areas and objects, underwater clearance and UXO removal.

Humanitarian demining methods:

Manual demining (detector and prodder)
MDD teams
Mechanical ground preparation
All three methods are used in clearance and technical survey operations (see Standing Operational Procedures and Mine action Standards).

Bosnia and Herzegovina currently disposes with 33 accredited demining organizations and 1 monitoring agency:

5 Governmental (Army,Entity Civil Protections and Mine Detection Dog Center)
13 Non-govermental (local and foreign)
16 Commercial (local and foreign)
32 organizations posses tehnical survey accreditation.

Organizations dispose with:

25 mashines for soil disturbing
3 mashines for vegetation removal
8 mashines for waste removal
1186 detectors
101 mine detection dogs
Bosnia and Herzegovina has 2500 accredited deminers.

Estimation on possible efficiency of available demining capacities:

35-40 km2 per year (Clearance and Technical Survey)

BHMAC conducts techical inspection over demining activities. Within technical inspection, random sampling method is used in order to confirm required level of quality and issuance of Certficates on cleared areas. If there is proper confirmation of required quality level, cleared locations and objects are taken over from implementing agency (demining organization) and returned to their owners (people and municipalities).

Proritetization of mine action tasks is done on community and entity level.

Implementation of mine action activities is a very slow process. Preparation of mine action projects demands a lot of effort, including agreements with authorities, logistics support, training and recruiting of employees, contracts and standing operational procedures. Due to climate conditions, conduct of demining activities is not possible in period Decembar-March.

General threat is significantly reduced, but there is still a lot of hard and long-termed work on further reduction and mine threat removal.

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