In the area of Posavina, app 13.8 km2 of land, still affected by mine danger

According to the demining plan for 2021, the realization of 2.4 km2 is planned to be demined in Posavina, while demining is currently underway in the municipalities of Odžak and Orašje, where the works are being performed by teams from the Federal Administration of Civil Protection and the Armed Forces of BiH.

Projects in progress are Zorice 1 (Sava River Bank), with a total area of 216,000 m2 and Bok 5, with a total area of 85,000 m2

The realization of the tasks Odžak North with a total area of 2,100,000 m2 and Bok 5, with a total area of 80,000 m2, is expected to be implemented during the year.

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